A little history....

I first started writing in college many years ago but had to put that aside to complete my education and take up a career. On the way to obtaining degrees in chemistry and economics, I have worked as a glazier, lab technician, as well as working in an abattoir, an itchy-twitchy shop (fiberglass lay up) and a glue works.  I also did geochemical research, financial planning, petroleum engineering and project management.  I’ve also lived in the UK, Australia, California, and Ohio. 


About twenty years ago, I wrote and published a series of technical publication on specific industry sectors.  That reignited the itch, and I started writing fiction, and attending writing workshops.  I have participated in the Cajun Sushi Hamsters from Hell (aka the Cleveland Science Fiction Workshop), and the West Side Writers Workshop.  I’ve completed eight novels and I’m looking for an agent.  I have attended numerous science fiction Cons, including as panelist. More details later in the basic bio.


Between writing (and supporting my hobbies), I find time to ski, hunt, drive a fast car, taste wine and enjoy gourmet food (not at the same time).  I’ve traveled extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Caribbean, south-east Asia, India, the Middle East and Europe.  I also have a private pilot’s license.