I learned to fly at Skypark, which is located outside Wadsworth, Ohio.  It is an active airport, training a surprising number of pilots.  It has a 2,300 foot long runway that is no wider than 37 feet, which means pilots who learn at this facility can fly into almost any other airport without difficulty.

Flying into Skypark has its own set of challenges, starting with its size, and the fact the north end of the runway terminates above the right of way of Interstate highway 76, which is located in a cutting or canyon some sixty feet below.  On the far side of the freeway is a dense stand of tall trees.  Consequently, obstacles to landing on this end of the runway include trees and uncertain updrafts or downdrafts caused by the highway. 

No casual or sleepy landings here, m’lad. It was here that I had my first flight, flew solo and took my check ride. Skypark claims to teach you how to fly, not just get your license.

The south approach to Skypark is over open fields with a set of ‘goalposts’ made from PVC pipe guarding the height requirement for clearing Greenwich road, which ‘T’s the end of the runway. 

No points given for flying between the goal posts, especially if a semi-tractor trailer is passing at the same time.

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