Tracking = driving on a race track but not as a race event competitor. 


In the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, that means Nelson Ledges Race Track and ‘Fun Days.’  Please note all participants must be familiar with the rules of the track to maintain safety.  Every driver must be checked out by an instructor who advises the participants on how to drive the track, the ‘right line’ through each corner, and the passing rules.  This is NOT competition, and those who drive in an overly aggressive manner will be warned only once before being asked to leave.


If you want to go to the Nelson Ledges Fun Day, then by all means!

Here are some of the requirements:

•On Fun Days, the gates open at 8 A.M. Track time is 10 A.M. to 4 P.M., with an hour break taken for workers at noon.

•The cost to participate in Fun Days is as follows:
$120.00 / per driver (may be more)
$5.00 / crew or spectator

•Track time will be between 20-25 minutes per session, depending upon the number of participants.  More participants, less time available due to limiting the number of cars on the track at any one time.

•A helmet is required. (Snell approved motorcycle is OK)

•All open cars and convertibles must have a roll bar, reinforced factory rollover protection; similar to a Porsche Boxster or BMW M3.

If you want more information, please check out Nelson's website


Notes:  Having run on the Nelson Ledges track for several seasons with my C5 Corvette, I’ve realized that ‘paint protection’ is needed.  There are chunks of rubber and small stones on the outer edge of the track, which can get thrown up.  At track speeds, these can produce chips in the paint, particularly on the front of the car.  A vinyl ‘bra’ will protect the nose of the car, or, the application of the transparent 3M film.


The track is 2.0 miles with thirteen turns and is a faster course than Mid-Ohio.  The thirteen turns do make significant demands upon the braking, suspension and steering systems.  The track record is about 51 seconds in a formula car.  My personal best time in the C5 is 1 min 21 seconds, which is slightly over a 90 mph average speed.